Elets Exclusive | Maharashtra implementing effective strategies to kick-start Tourism post-lockdown

COVID-19 has been hard-hitting not only for humanity but also for the economy to a large extent. The economy which was already drooping when India imposed a nationwide lockdown as a necessary preventive measure saw an acceleration in the fall. One of the worst-hit sectors by the lockdown caused due to COVID-19 is the Tourism sector. Many people employed in the travel and tourism sector have lost their jobs and many companies, especially the small and medium-sized have suffered huge losses. Throwing light on the effect of COVID-19 on the tourism sector, Valsa Nair Singh, IAS, Principal Secretary, Tourism & Cultural Affairs, Maharashtra addressed a webinar organised by Elets Technomedia.

Nair started off by describing the significance of the tourism sector saying, “Tourism plays a big role in the Indian economy because it is low capital-intensive and having a large number of employment opportunities.” Further, addressing the cultural diversity in the country she said, “If we talk about the cultural diversity of India there is no other sector that can bring it out as tourism does.”

Adding on to the significance of tourism, she added, “Travel is the backbone of tourism. When there is no travel, the tourism sector will definitely suffer. International travel is not going to reopen, at least for another two years. But, domestic travel will slowly pick up. I cannot foresee anything happening in this sector before September and October.”

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