How To Smell Good: 4 tips to always smell good

Use a scented moisturiser

After taking a bath, apply a scented moisturiser all over your body to let the body absorb it. Doing this will ensure that you smell good all day long and it will also make your skin soft and supple.

Spray perfume on pulse points

Spraying perfume on certain spots such as the inside of your wrist, the neck, inside the inner elbow and behind your ears can help in ensuring a long-lasting fragrance of the perfume.

Bathe regularly

It is no secret that to smell good, one must maintain good hygiene. This includes taking a shower every day and scrubbing the body all over to avoid bacteria that may cause body odour.

Change your diet

Avoid eating certain foods that have a pungent smell such as garlic, onions and chives. These foods can lead to bad breath and also affect the way your body reacts to perfumes.



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