IRCON Answering Covid Challenges & making difference

The COVID-19 pandemic has been hard-hitting for not only the businesses but also for the socio-economic scenario of the country. IRCON International Ltd. took some commendable measures to sail through the tough times. Moreover, taking the frontier, IRCON has also taken various CSR initiatives to contribute their bit to aid people and uplift various small businesses impacted by the pandemic, write Adarsh Som and Ritika Srivastava of Elets News Network (ENN).

IRCON International Ltd. is a Schedule –‘A’ and a Miniratna — I company under the administrative control of the Ministry of Railways, Government of India. Hence, being a well-established and esteemed infrastructure developer, IRCON has actively taken noteworthy initiatives to neutralize the effect of COVID-19 pandemic on its operations.

Combating COVID-19

IRCON proactively came forward to lend a hand to various government bodies in fighting the pandemic. To contribute its share of aid to the government efforts, people, and small businesses, IRCON took four major approaches.

Monetary contribution to PM Cares FundIrcon International Limited (IRCON) has provided financial assistance of Rs 20.5 crore to Prime Minister CARES Fund for fighting COVID-19. Moreover, the employees working with IRCON have donated their one day’s salary amounting to Rs 51 lakh.

Payment to contractual workers during the lockdown period -The salary during the lockdown period has been paid to all the contractual employees. Full wages had been paid to the labourers during the lockdown period and the due amount was transferred to the families in their native villages.

Social support to the needy by providing food & shelter-IRCON has taken several initiatives to cater to the needs of people who are worst-affected by the Coronavirus and the subsequent lockdown. Further, the employees working with IRCON came forward and provided food packets to migrant labourers. Also, dry food items were distributed to workers and labourers and arrangements were made to provide lunch and dinner to labourers at various project sites.

Medical support to address health crises– We have tied up with nearest hospitals at our project sites for providing immediate help to labourers in case of any emergency. We have also provided first aid kits to the labourers at worksites.

As the Coronavirus has shown rapid contamination in populations across the globe, it called for a need to strictly implement preventive measures in the offices, public spaces and at home. IRCON has been actively involved in aiding the ones in need during the tough time of crisis, the company also took effective measures to safeguard its employees.

The authorities at IRCON constituted a special task force for monitoring the compliance of safety and preventive measures which were implemented as per the guidelines issued by the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare (MoHFW) at the Head Quarter and at projects for coordination.

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Moreover, standard operating procedure (SOP) was formulated at Corporate, Project & Sub Offices and Project Sites including Construction Material Testing Laboratories and all other premises which were introduced as a mandatory protocol to be followed. Further, as per the advice from the Government of India and the MoHFW, all the employees of IRCON, Sub-cons and workers were asked to download the ‘Aarogya Setu’ App on their mobiles. The employees were permitted to enter the office premises only when the app declared the employee safe.

In a further stringent approach to preventing the spread of virus infection, biometric swiping for attendance had been temporarily discontinued. And, all employees have been strictly directed to wear masks all the time and adhere to the social distancing norms laid out by the authorities.

In addition, IRCON has been raising awareness at its project sites through posters and banners. These were displayed at prominent places showing usage of hand sanitizers and wearing of masks. Labours were informed about safety measures in local language through their supervisors. Moreover, at regular intervals, training of employees is being conducted regarding awareness of COVID-19 and preventive measures to be taken to prevent the spread. Employees are instructed on the manner of using facemask and gloves, disposal of masks and other PPE.

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