Top most popular pizza toppings

Top most popular pizza toppings : Have a look at some of the most popular pizza toppings that everyone loves.


Pepperoni is one of the most famous pizza toppings since it adds a unique flavour. It is undoubtedly everyone’s first choice!


Onions add a much-needed crunch to pizzas and enhance the Italian dish’s taste. The caramelized onions give a hint of sweetness to the pizza, thereby making it even more delicious.


Jalapenos are definitely at the top of the list of people who love spicy food and want to add a kick of heat to their pizza. They also work great with olives and make the pizza spicier and tastier.


When it comes to toppings that pair well with cheese, tomatoes are the first thing that comes to mind. They are perfect for people who want to add a variety of texture to their pizza and act as a base for other flavours.


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