Where there is money, there are bizarre auction items! Watch

It’s a bizarre world of value where a cartoon rock sells for a million and half dollars and a house in Italy has a price tag of just a dollar.

As the NFT craze takes over crypto collectors one is reminded that this is not the first time where bizarre items have attracted unreal bids by those wanting to own ‘collectors’ item.

Here are a few unusual auction items that have made history

- Most people said it was absolutely Bananas when in 2019 An Italian artist duct-taped a banana to a gallery wall in Miami as part of the Art Basel festival to show inequality — and it sold for $120,000. That’s a stale banana for Rs 84 lakhs!

- Made famous with a gush of wind, Marilyn Monroe’s white dress from Seven-Year Itch sold for a whopping $4.6 million a decade ago. The scene from the Seven Year Itch, went on to become one of the most iconic moments in movie history.

- Sticking with collectable garments, cotton knickers owned by Queen Victoria (Queen Elizabeth’s great-great-grandmother) sold in 2015 for $16,300. Embroidered with her royal initials, “VR” for Victoria Regina.

- From the Queen of England to the King of Rock, Elvis fans are always ready to roll out the royal bucks. In 2002 an “unidentified collector of Elvis Presley memorabilia” paid a staggering $115,000 for a small jar of Elvis Presley’s hair.

- K-Pop group BTS’s ensemble from Billboard chart topping song ‘Dynamite’ was auctioned for $162,500, eight times more than the estimated value as part of the MusiCare Charity Relief Auction in 2020 in support of musicians, artists and road crews affected by the Covid-19 pandemic.

  • Playing the swan song on this list is the famous violin from Titanic. One of the most memorable tales from the tragic sinking of the Titanic is the eight-piece band that played until the end. Led by English musician Wallace Hartley, the band played their instruments as the ship sank into the frozen waters of the Atlantic Ocean in an effort to help soothe scared passengers. Hartley’s damaged violin was sold at an auction for $1.7 million in less than 10 minutes. It is the most expensive artifact linked to the doomed ship.

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