Why young people are at the risk of cardiac?

Cardiac in young adults is indeed alarming. The rising cases of such an illness in the youth is worrying and must be taken care of at the earliest.

In an exclusive interaction with Editorji, Dr Ruchit Shah, cardiologist, Masina hospital expressed his views on this pressing issue.

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He said, “The things that worry me today are young people like Siddharth Shukla and Puneet Rajkumar are succumbing to cardiac arrests. This is a problem not only of the rich and elite people but also of every individual in our country. We have some shocking facts! People in our country are dying and having coronary artery diseases 10 years earlier than the American European and Japanese counterparts. What could be the probable reasons for that?”

Stating the reasons, he said, “Most importantly our diet, faulty lifestyle, sedentary habits, lack of exercise and moreover today’s youth is engaging in a lot of addictive substances like tobacco, cigarettes, alcohol and a lot of psychotropic drugs. Drug abuse is one of the most important causes of sudden cardiac arrests and deaths. You might be shocked to know that the youngest individual that I have treated is a 17-year-old boy with a major heart attack, he was abusing cocaine. We did an angioplasty on him in the most important artery called the left ventricle artery and saved is life but this problem does remain.”

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